WEBSITE HOSTING: Policies and Provisions

(Backup Service, Restore Service, and Ransomware service is mandatory with hosting)

    • WEB HOSTING: 24/7 hosting for your website on redundant, mirrored severs. Up to 1GB drive space and 2GB transfer, per month. Direct redundant connection to Internet backbone in data center with Battery backup for power loss, HVAC backup, as well as diesel generator for redundant power. 
    • BACKUPS: Scheduled Backups. : 2X/week on-server and off-server backups, Sat and Wed 12:30 am (We keep 2 copies of each). Monthly on-server and off-server backups (we keep 2 copies - 31-60 days, depending on date). Total of 12 backups/month: 6 On-server backups, and 6 off-server backups.
    • EMERGENCY “SIMPLE” WEBSITE-ONLY RESTORE SERVICE:   Should your website crash or go down due to faulty files or self-corruption, this provides you with the peace-of-mind that comes with knowing that, regardless of the time of day or night, regardless of whether it is weekday or weekend, or business day or holiday, your website will receive Emergency-Status restoration. This normally provides a 1-2 hour response, even in the middle of the night, with restoration typically taking place within 60 - 120 minutes. (Note: your most recently backed-up site will be downloaded and replace your corrupted site. If additional problems exist, restoring a website to fully-working order may take longer, and additional charges may be incurred) Note: Normal Emergency web service is $260/hour. A normal restoration with no issues takes approximately two people (one off-site, and one on-site) 4.5 hours to restore and test a website ($1,170). Note: This does not cover ransomware hacks or other extreme hacks.  
    • “RANSOMWARE” REMEDIATION SERVER BACKUP & RESTORE SERVICE:   Your site, along with the entire server AND your unique, custom-configured server support software, will be encoded and transferred to another server once every three weeks, off-site, using high-level enterprise software, to be stored in case of a ransomware hack.  This is a special "one-way" transfer process that protects this server from internet attacks. This allows your website configuration and website from a ransomware attack to normally be restored within 60 - 120 minutes. Note: the "restored" website from this method may be 3 weeks to 12 weeks old, and may not contain the latest info added to your site. However, once this version of your site and its server config has been restored from a ransomware attack, a newer website backup from the "regular" scheduled site backups may be able to be restored so you can minimize data loss. Includes emergency restoration up to 2X/ calendar year.     *RANSOMWARE REMEDIATION SERVICE INCLUDES EMERGENCY RESTORATION

Mason Communications reserves the right to modify date and time configurations on any service, depending on the state of the internet at that time.


PLEASE NOTE: Hosting Services are different than Updating Services. A website is made of many components, including core code such as PHP, a CMS core such as Joomla or Wordpress, a Framework, a CSS template, and dozens of plugins and additional components. Each of these has feature releases as well as security releases (patches). Backups and the different services offered in hosting services are quite necessary, but they do not count towards the updating of your website. Updating services are entirely separate from hosting, and should be performed frequently (monthly or at a minimum, quarterly), as that is your number one method of maintaining security as best you can.

Mason Communications owns and maintains its own premium webservers in Saint Louis Missouri. Since we do not offer web hosting as a standalone service (without building your site), we host only clean, certified virus-free sites that we built ourselves. This means you’ll be located on a server with typically less than 50 sites, each of which has been built and maintained by Mason Communications, providing you high quality hosting and peace of mind. This is considered a premium hosting service, typically costing more than our monthly fee. We keep our fees low by billing hosting services 6 months in advance. For any reason, should you cancel your site hosting during that time period, your money will be refunded for months where hosting was not used. (per calendar month)

Revised 2/2023